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Every month, we say goodbye to some of our favorite films so we can introduce you to something new. Be sure to catch these titles before they leave FilmStruck. Then check out our newest additions to add to your watchlist.

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A Mighty Wind
Anna Boleyn
A Private Function
Army of Shadows
A Stolen Life
Ball of Fire
Beloved Enemy
Billy Liar
Bobby Bumps Starts for School
Bringing Up Baby
Bulldog Drummond
Captains Courageous
Cartoons on Tour
Child's Pose
Citizen Kane
Clouds of Sils Maria
Cluny Brown
Colonel Heeza Liar, Detective
Cool Hand Luke
Cry Terror!
Dead Man
Dead Ringers
December 7th
Deer Boy
Demon Seed
Destination Tokyo
Die Austernprinzessin
Dinky Doodle in Lost and Found
Einstein's Universe
El Topo
Endless Poetry
Evil Under the Sun
Fando and Lis
Far from the Madding Crowd
Fear of a Black Hat
Felix Comes Back
Fermat's Room
Fireman Save My Child
Full Moon in Paris
Gunga Din
Heaven Can Wait
Hot-Toe Mollie
Ich möchte kein Mann sein
Key Largo
Lightning Sketches
McCabe & Mrs. Miller
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
Mr. Lucky
My Favorite Wife
Night Mayor
North by Northwest
Pandora and the Flying Dutchman
People of the Wind
Presentation, or Charlotte and Her Steak
Scents and Nonsense
Some Like It Hot
Sylvia Scarlett
That Uncertain Feeling
The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer
The Bells Go Down
The Best Years of Our Lives
The Bishop's Wife
The Bomb Idea
The Cage
The Circus
The Corsican Brothers
The Cowboy and the Lady
The Dance of Reality
The Doll
The Drowning Pool
The Fable of the Jolly Rounders
The Farmerette
The Great Train Robbery
The Helen Morgan Story
The Holy Mountain
The Hudsucker Proxy
The Little Foxes
The Mackintosh Man
The Man Between
The Man in the Iron Mask
The Merry Widow
The Milkman
The Moonshiners
The Outrage
The Philadelphia Story
The Prisoner of Zenda
The Prize
The Rack
The Sea Gull
These Three
The Shop Around the Corner
The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg
The Wildcat
The Young Philadelphians
This Is Spinal Tap
Until They Sail
Véronique and Her Dunce
What's Up, Doc?
When We Lived in Miami
Wife Vs. Secretary
Wuthering Heights
Young Cassidy

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All films listed below are leaving both FilmStruck and the Criterion Channel.

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Title Date
Adam's Rib 09/21/2018
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore 09/21/2018
Child's Pose 09/21/2018
Goodbye, Mr. Chips 09/21/2018
His Kind Of Woman 09/21/2018
If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle 09/21/2018
Keeper of the Flame 09/21/2018
Macao 09/21/2018
Mean Streets 09/21/2018
Night Moves 09/21/2018
Pat and Mike 09/21/2018
Pennies from Heaven 09/21/2018
The Breaking Point 09/21/2018
The Death of Mr. Lazarescu 09/21/2018
The Goodbye Girl 09/21/2018
The Last of Sheila 09/21/2018
The Sea of Grass 09/21/2018
The Sunshine Boys 09/21/2018
The Year of Living Dangerously 09/21/2018
Who‘s That Knocking at My Door 09/21/2018
Without Love 09/21/2018
Woman of the Year 09/21/2018
Accattone 09/28/2018
A Clockwork Orange 09/28/2018
A Lion Is in the Streets 09/28/2018
Angela 09/28/2018
Being There 09/28/2018
Ben-Hur 09/28/2018
Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ 09/28/2018
Blonde Crazy 09/28/2018
Captains of the Clouds 09/28/2018
City for Conquest 09/28/2018
Clash of the Titans 09/28/2018
Each Dawn I Die 09/28/2018
East of Eden 09/28/2018
Easy Rider 09/28/2018
Excalibur 09/28/2018
Flying Leathernecks 09/28/2018
Friendly Persuasion 09/28/2018
'G' Men 09/28/2018
Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes 09/28/2018
Gypsy 09/28/2018
I'll Cry Tomorrow 09/28/2018
Innerspace 09/28/2018
Jesus of Nazareth, Part One 09/28/2018
Jesus of Nazareth, Part Two 09/28/2018
JFK 09/28/2018
JFK (Director's Cut) 09/28/2018
Jimmy the Gent 09/28/2018
King of Kings 09/28/2018
Ladyhawke 09/28/2018
Lady Killer 09/28/2018
La Rabbia 09/28/2018
Local Hero 09/28/2018
Love Meetings 09/28/2018
McQ 09/28/2018
My Favorite Year 09/28/2018
No Time For Sergeants 09/28/2018
One Foot In Heaven 09/28/2018
Outland 09/28/2018
Picture Snatcher 09/28/2018
Pigsty 09/28/2018
PT 109 09/28/2018
Rain Man 09/28/2018
Running Scared 09/28/2018
Sergeant York 09/28/2018
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 09/28/2018
Somebody Up There Likes Me 09/28/2018
Task Force 09/28/2018
Teorema 09/28/2018
The Adventures of Marco Polo 09/28/2018
The Ballad of Jack and Rose 09/28/2018
The Bride Came C.O.D. 09/28/2018
The Camden 28 09/28/2018
The Cheyenne Social Club 09/28/2018
The Fighting 69th 09/28/2018
The Fountainhead 09/28/2018
The Gospel According to St. Matthew 09/28/2018
The Green Berets 09/28/2018
The Late Show 09/28/2018
The Man Who Would Be King 09/28/2018
The Mayor of Hell 09/28/2018
The Pianist 09/28/2018
The Pride Of The Yankees 09/28/2018
The Real Glory 09/28/2018
The Right Stuff 09/28/2018
The Roaring Twenties 09/28/2018
The Strawberry Blonde 09/28/2018
The Train Robbers 09/28/2018
The Wedding Night 09/28/2018
Torrid Zone 09/28/2018
Tribute to a Bad Man 09/28/2018
Trouble Along the Way 09/28/2018
Winter Soldier 09/28/2018
Without Reservations 09/28/2018
Cul-de-Sac 09/30/2018
Kes 09/30/2018
Austerlitz 10/05/2018
Between Eleven and Midnight 10/05/2018
Border Incident 10/05/2018
Chandler 10/05/2018
City on Fire 10/05/2018
Fanny 10/05/2018
Gigi 10/05/2018
Infernal Affairs 10/05/2018
Korczak 10/05/2018
Lili 10/05/2018
Pan Tadeusz 10/05/2018
Siberian Lady Macbeth 10/05/2018
The Glass Slipper 10/05/2018
The Man with a Cloak 10/05/2018
The Narrow Margin 10/05/2018
The Thing From Another World 10/05/2018
T-Men 10/05/2018
Wajda by Wajda 10/05/2018
White Heat 10/05/2018
The Summer of Flying Fish 10/08/2018
Ballerina 10/12/2018
Ballets Russes 10/12/2018
Dancing Across Borders 10/12/2018
Mutiny on the Bounty 10/12/2018
Only When I Dance 10/12/2018
Operation Crossbow 10/12/2018
St. Martin's Lane 10/12/2018
The Barretts of Wimpole Street 10/12/2018
The Bribe 10/12/2018
The Hunchback of Notre Dame 10/12/2018
The Man on the Eiffel Tower 10/12/2018
Young Bess 10/12/2018
BUtterfield 8 10/19/2018
Casa de Lava 10/19/2018
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 10/19/2018
Christo in Paris 10/19/2018
Christo's Valley Curtain 10/19/2018
Courage Of Lassie 10/19/2018
Father's Little Dividend 10/19/2018
Islands 10/19/2018
Ivanhoe 10/19/2018
Julia Misbehaves 10/19/2018
Lassie Come Home 10/19/2018
Life with Father 10/19/2018
Little Women 10/19/2018
National Velvet 10/19/2018
Number 17 10/19/2018
On the Town 10/19/2018
Raintree County 10/19/2018
Reflections in a Golden Eye 10/19/2018
Rich and Strange 10/19/2018
Running Fence 10/19/2018
The Comedians 10/19/2018
The Farmer's Wife 10/19/2018
The Gates 10/19/2018
The Manxman 10/19/2018
The Skin Game 10/19/2018
The V.I.P.s 10/19/2018