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Every month, we say goodbye to some of our favorite films so we can introduce you to something new. Be sure to catch these titles before they leave FilmStruck. Then check out our newest additions to add to your watchlist.

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24 Frames per Second
71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance
A Bay of Blood
A Film Unfinished
Aguirre, the Wrath of God
A Scary Time
A Taxing Woman's Return
A Woman Is A Woman
Beautiful Days
Benny's Video
Black Sabbath
Black Sunday
Black Sunday (International Version)
Bridges-Go-Round, Part 1
Bridges-Go-Round, Part 2
Brussels Loops
Café au lait
Calm at Sea
Christopher and Me
Ciao, Federico!
Cinema Through the Eye of Magnum
Circle of Deceit
Daddy Longlegs
Dance in the Sun
Dead End
Death of a Salesman
Dillinger is Dead
Erik the Conqueror
Four Journeys into Mystic Time: Initiation
Four Journeys into Mystic Time: Mysterium
Four Journeys into Mystic Time: One-Two-Three
Four Journeys into Mystic Time: Trans
Gap-Toothed Women
Golden Demon
Harold and Maude
Hiding and Seeking: Faith and Tolerance After the Holocaust
History Is Made at Night
Hotel Terminus: The Life And Times Of Klaus Barbie
I Am Curious—Blue
In Paris Parks
It Happened at the Inn
I Walked With A Zombie
Japanese Girls at the Harbor
John's Gone
June Night
Kaisha monogatari: Memories of You
Kill, Baby, Kill
La Chambre
La Nuit fantastique
L'Assassinat du Père Noël?
Lenny Cooke
Le Val d'enfer
Life During Wartime
Los Ojos Vendados
Madonna of the Seven Moons
Manila in the Claws of Light
Memories of Underdevelopment
Moment in Love
Mr. Thank You
My Home is Copacabana
Mysterious Object at Noon
On the Waterfront
Ornette: Made in America
Oslo, August 31st
Paradise: Faith
Paradise: Hope
Paradise: Love
Partisans of Vilna
Pierrot le fou
Planet of the Vampires
Portrait of Jason
Premier Rendez-vous
Rabid Dogs
Robert Frost: A Lover's Quarrel with the World
Shop Girls of Paris
Sold Out!: Cinema Under Occupation
The Acquaintances of a Lonely John
The Arbor
The Atomic Submarine
The Best Years Of Our Lives
The Black Balloon
The Body Snatcher
The Color of Pomegranates
The Conformist
The Connection
The Cremator
The Curse of the Cat People
The Evil Eye
The Extraordinary Life of Rocky
The Headless Woman
The Hill
The Hit
The Junk Shop
The Leopard Man
The Little Foxes
The Maestro: King of the Cowboy Artists
The Misfits
The Ogre
The Piano Teacher
The Pleasure of Being Robbed
The Selfish Giant
These Three
The Seventh Continent
The Sorrow and the Pity (Part 1)
The Sorrow and the Pity (Part 2)
The Trojan Women
The Unknown Soldier
The Wanderers
The Westerner
The Whip and the Body
The White Ribbon
Tiny Furniture
Tord and Tord
Voyage sans espoir
We're Going to the Zoo
Who Shall Live and Who Shall Die?
Worlds Apart
Wuthering Heights

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Title Date
The Trip 10/28/2017
The Trip to Italy 10/28/2017
Harold and Maude 11/01/2017
On the Waterfront 11/01/2017
A Man of No Importance 11/04/2017
Albino Alligator 11/10/2017
César et Rosalie 11/10/2017
Christine 11/10/2017
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind 11/10/2017
Dawn 11/10/2017
Forever My Love 11/10/2017
Good Neighbor Sam 11/10/2017
La Banquière 11/10/2017
Les Choses De La Vie 11/10/2017
Le Train 11/10/2017
Life is Beautiful 11/10/2017
Sissi 11/10/2017
Sling Blade 11/10/2017
That Most Important Thing: Love 11/10/2017
The Crossing Guard 11/10/2017
The Story of Vickie 11/10/2017
Tulpan 11/10/2017
Une Femme à sa Fenêtre 11/10/2017
Boccaccio '70 11/11/2017
Death Watch 11/11/2017
Max and the Junkmen 11/11/2017
Sissi: The Fateful Years of an Empress 11/11/2017
Sissi: The Young Empress 11/11/2017
The Trial 11/11/2017
Behind the Door 11/17/2017
Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky 11/17/2017
Les Maudits 11/17/2017
Nostalghia 11/17/2017
The Sacrifice 11/17/2017